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Inspirational Quote

Monday, 17 February 2014

Dodge it! (king ball)

King ball is a competitive game,you have to dodge balls and work together as a team.

The court is just cones in 4 squares.There is also a big pile of dodge balls waiting for someone to picked up.

The teams are room 7,5,6 and 8.Each class has a sqaure.If you get hit with the ball, you can run outside the sqaures picking up the balls that are out of the sqaures and you can throw it at the teams.

Pick a king and a queen quickly and quietly because if you don't you will sit out.When you get hit with the ball you have to be honest and hop out.You can not grab a ball when its over the line.After all your players get out your king and queen jump in and finish it off.

The last step is the points.When you come first you get 10 points, second you get 8, third you get 6 and last you get 4.When your team cheats then you get 0.Somtimes when your lucky you get double points so they just double what you get.

S if you play by these rules you might be a king ball master. 


  1. Sounds like a fun game!! Great writing Nick!


  2. Nice work nick great job with your explanasion