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Inspirational Quote

Monday, 17 February 2014

Kereru team king ball

Kereru team king ball.

king ball is a great game to play it gets you moving and you meet new people.

Firstly the rules are: if you get hit with the ball you must go out, NO head shots, when you are hit go to the out side of the square and play from the out side and try to hit other teams to get them out, if your whole team is out they have to sit in the square.

Secondly teams and players: to play king ball you have to have players and a king and a queen decided by the whole team but do it quick or you will lose points.

Thirdly materials : you will need to have
  • dodge balls
  • players of course 
  • a play area that will need to be soft 
  • and a couch 

Lastly a play area and the point system:  the play area will need to be soft and put into four squares made by cones.
pints will be handed out by your couch , 1st gets 20 points , 2nd gets 10 , 3rd gets 5 and last gets 2 points

I hope you will enjoy king ball I know I do.

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  1. Cool story about king ball cant wait to play it again