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Inspirational Quote

Monday, 17 February 2014

Kereru team Kingball

Kingball is a powerful , sporty game . Students use all their strength to throw a dodge ball and get the other classes out.

Rule 1. Choose your king and queen . 2. When you get hit by a ball don't stay in your square because you are out . 3. When your out you can still play but you run around the four squares trying to get the other classes out . 4. Teams that get out will have their king and queen come in . 5. When your king and queen get out the whole class sits down .

The court has four squares for one class per square . The court has cones and balls on the field all ready to play .

The classes and students that play kingball are Rm 7 year 6,7  Rm 8 year 7,8  Rm 6 year 6,7  Rm 5,6.

Kingball is a fun game to play but maybe not for year 1-3 children . I  consider kingball a new game so set up your court and play . 

By Calix Waters .

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