Inspirational Quote

Inspirational Quote

Monday, 17 February 2014


Kingball is a team game when you work work together to dodge and to hit other people in there square. There are four squares and four teams, each team goes into one square.

Then when everyone is in there square we pick a king and queen. Then the king and queen stand up and then get there dodgeball. After that the whistle blows and every team stands up and throws and dodges, If you get hit you have to be honest and then get out the square and try to get a ball and hit the other teams.

After your team gets out your king and queen and carry on.If your king and queen gets out, your class has to sit in there square and wait. After each and every team is out you get points for your place. the winner gets ten the second gets eight the third get six and if someone cheats they get disqualified from the game and get zero points.

by:Jared Bertram


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