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Monday, 17 February 2014

KingBall The Final Frontier!!!!!

King ball is a game with students. It's like dodge ball but with a few differences. 
4 teams 1 game!

The rules of king ball are really important if you lie or get something wrong you could cost your team.

If you get hit by the ball you go out to the side, you are not out your just not in the square .
People who are out can run around the squares and throw the the balls at other people/teams.
You have to choose a King/Queen quickly and you might get some extra points for your team if you are organised. The King/Queen are not playing till everyone is out.Head shots are not allowed.

The teams are normally if you are at school it would be best to have four classes. They need to have a King/Queen, and need to have protectors who are the rest of the students. You play rounds, 10 should be fine.

The points are made up of 5 different items.

Disqualified = 0 points
4th = 4 points
3rd = 6 points
2nd = 8 points
1st = 10 points
The team with the most points wins!

The area you play in is four squares made of cones. It needs to be big enough to hold around 28 students per square.

Normally teams who work together and do what they need to do almost always win. So work well and you can have lots of fun, laughs and victory.

King ball is Reremoanas Kereu teams favourite game and i think you will to.

King ball is quite a recent game and lots of people enjoy it. Try it you might like it.

A story by Ryan Youmans

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  1. Good explaination Ryan and good structre