Inspirational Quote

Inspirational Quote

Sunday, 23 March 2014

A trip to the Moon

My rocket slowly landed on Moon I put on my suit and helmet. The door slowly opened I moon walked out of the rocket and then moon walked back into the rocket because i had left my flag in my bag. After a while I finally got to the middle and then shaved my flag that had a self of me and my BFF. I sat down next to the flag and had some dried meat that I packed before I left it touch a while to get it to my mouth because on the moon their is NO gravity. Most of my dried meat had floated away into outer space.

I heard another rocket near by so I moon walked as fast as I could back to my rocket ship. The door slowly closed as it was closing I ran to the ladder because in the rock there IS gravity. As fast as I could I grabbed all my bags and hide them and then I also fid my self under all of the old surplice that had been left for a while.

The rocket some how counted down with out me their 3 2 1 lift off I flew back to earth. On the way I heard a noise it sounded like a big laugh I grabbed my frying pan and snuck up behind him BANG I waked him over the head he laid on the cold hard metal floor for about 2 days. He cain right after a while but when he a was awake he found him self tied up with a pease of roap in his mouth.

After a little while I got bored of him so I threw him out the door and I never saw him ever again
                                                                  THE END...


  1. wow lauren this was so funny

  2. Nice, Next time you should put some more description