Inspirational Quote

Inspirational Quote

Thursday, 13 March 2014

Climax retell story

Kingi couldn't hang on much longer. Snow was everywhere as the avalanche went on and on. His fingers would let go soon and he would fall off the cliff, thousands of metres down the mountain. A hand took hold of his and stopped him falling. He looked up and saw the face of Max. The avalanche stopped. Max pulled him to safety.

Kingi was straining to hold onto the rocky cliff face. Peering down at the ground below as he looks up shaking Max was there to save Kingi. He held on his isolated hands to pull him to safety. But just then he froze just standing there Kingis hand was slipping "HELP! HELP!" Max did not replay as the last few seconds of his life was on the edge. His hand slipped falling to a painful death as he fall down Kingi saw a last glimpse of Max. "Well here it is time to die"Kingi whispered to himself he smashed the snow creating a big hole. Max moved his head and couldn't find Kingi in the misty snow.

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