Inspirational Quote

Inspirational Quote

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Egbert and the Princess

Once upon a time, a young dragon named Egbert lived with his family high in the mountains overlooking a kingdom. Egbert's life was happy. He especially loved to frolic up and down the craggy peaks with his many siblings. But one day, Egbert's parents called him over. His life was about to change. 
"Egbert," they said "You're no longer a baby. You have grown - and the time has come for you to do what dragons do." Egbert scratched his head. "What do dragons do?" he asked.

Egbert thought about what his parents said and decided to pack his belongings and leave home. Egbert quietly left and began his adventure. He came across a huge tower wobbling from side to side. Egbert wondered if there was anyone in it.

He screamed a loud roar hoping someone would come out. Suddenly a girl appeared, it was a beautiful  princess who had been locked up. "Don't worry I'll save you!" Egbert said.He entered the tower. Inside the tower was two guards at every corner and 24 hour cameras watching everything he did. Egbert knew he could defeat the guards if he tried hard enough. He walked around the tower. The guards spotted him "RUN!" said a voice.

Egbert ran up the tower and passed 12 guards. Egbert made it to the top and saw the princess. "I've come to save you" he said. He grabbed the princess and put her on his back. He flew out of the window. They flew to another castle and spent the rest of their lives there.


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