Inspirational Quote

Inspirational Quote

Sunday, 16 March 2014

Egbert and the princess-we had to predict what would happen next.

                                               EGBERT AND THE PRINCESS

Once upon a time, a young dragon named Egbert lived with his family high in the mountains overlooking a kingdom. Egbert's was happy. He especially loved to frolic up and down the craggy peaks with his many siblings. But one day, Egbert's parents called him over. His life was about to change.
"Egbert", they said,"your no longer a baby. You have grown-and the time has come for you to do what  dragons do."Egbert scratched his scaly head. "What do dragons?" he asked.

"Well they breath fire all over people, they burn people's house's down, also you fly over big pits of lava"."Do I have to breath fire all over people.

His mother turns and walks away "Oh and yes you do have to breath fire all over people"!!!. Although you don't have to kill them just disintegrate them.

Another thing: you capture princesses and after you disintegrate the princess and then capture a anther one. Don't worry you also steal gold iron and silver.

By Lauren

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