Inspirational Quote

Inspirational Quote

Monday, 17 March 2014

Egbert and the school- we had to predict what came next.

Egbert and the school

''Egbert, you need to go do what dragons do'' said his mum. What do dragons do replied Egbert.
 ''They go to school'' shouted his younger siblings

The next day Egbert left to go to school. When he arrived he flew into his class. He studied heaps but he thought he was missing something. ''Hello Egbert my name is Honky donk'' said a strange voice. Egbert found something, a friend. After a few weeks Egbert and his friend snuck out of  school and flew to the kingdom. They both shot their fire against the guards. There was a massive battle but of coarse the guards died and  the two friends killed the King and Queen. And they both flew back to their families.

By  Riley

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