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Inspirational Quote

Sunday, 16 March 2014

Prediction of Egbert the dragon - we had to predict the next paragraph of Egbert the dragon in story format

Once upon a time, a young dragon named Egbert lived with his family high in the mountains overlooking a kingdom. Egberts life was happy. He especially loved to frolic up and down the craggy peaks with his many siblings. But one day, Egbert's parents called him over. His life was about to change. "Egbert" they said, "you're no longer a baby. You have grown- and the time has come for you to do what dragons do. " Egbert scratched his scaly head. " what do dragons do ? " he asked.

Prediction: " Dragons do many things like hunting for example" said Egberts mother. " but I do not want hunt" said Egbert ." I am not a fierce dragon. I am a nice dragon" said Egbert and he flew off.

Egbert found a nice cozy spot to calm his hothead. He thought  and thought and came to a conclusion. " I am not going to be a nice dragon I am going to listen to my mother and be the most fierce dragon of all time.

By calix

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  1. Nice prediction Calix mostly your punctuation!