Inspirational Quote

Inspirational Quote

Monday, 17 March 2014


Last tuesday….. ''Jimmy now you have more powers you can flyyyyyy!!!! once again you can exit through the shower''. ''that was amazing the voice again''. The present…… ''I can't hang on much longer I'm gonna faaaaallllllll''! ''Kingi''! ''Max''! "Ill save you Kingi grab on'' ''ok'' (heavy breathing)'' We did it''. ''I need to close my eyes'' ''ok'' Super Jimmy……. (jimmy pushed Max of the cliff) ''Kingi I saved you". ''Really I thought you were max''. ''Eh dosnt matter''. and that was just the beginning of jimmy's fame.

Jimmy was in the news paper, getting interviewed, even on the news getting interviewed. Sadly Max's corps were sitting one thousand meters down a cliff. After weeks of interviews Jimmy had a lot of pressure he just couldn't handle it so finally he burst.'' This is the morgan freeman show''. ''Jimmy about saving Kingi what was going through your mind when you saved him''. ''Uuumm I have a somthing to say''. ''Yes''. '' Uuuhh I didn't save Kingi Max did then I killed him and yea''. ''What''. Yea.

''Jimmy you now have lost your powers''. ''NNNOOOOOOOOOWWW!!!!!

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