Inspirational Quote

Inspirational Quote

Sunday, 23 March 2014

We couldn't stop laughing

One day we were in class and a boy came in and asked do you want to see my pet its big we all laughed and when he showed it to us we laughed it was not big it was a small lizard. We laughed cause he told us it was big but it was small and we couldn't stop laughing.

The teacher told us to stop laughing but we didn't the principle told us to stop laughing and learn but we didn't.Then the office rung our parents and told them to come pick us up and take us home.On the way home we were still laughing even when we played the wii we were still laughing.

Our parents toke us to the movies and we watched cars 3 and we were still laughing so we got kicked out.So we went to McDonald's and we stopped laughing till the next day at school when we started laughing again. So we did the whole thing all over again for 7 days.

Then we stopped laughing for good we laughed now and then at a joke and something funny.So our parents let us play wii and we kept winning until the last game and we lost so we laughed for 5 minutes then stopped.

Then the next day at school it was pyjama day and everyone wore oneness and it was a shared lunch and everyone bought KFC McDonald's and subway and burger king so we laughed the whole day and we watched 5 movies.

That night we went to a miley Cyrus concert and got her autograph and left then we slept for 10 days cause we were so tired.

When we woke up we were outside and our house had been let on fire so fire fighters were putting it out luckily we were outside in our mum and dads hands safe and sound.

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