Inspirational Quote

Inspirational Quote

Sunday, 23 March 2014

We got caught

One time me and my friend Lauren were tagging a fence and Lauren said "Makayla can i have the pink spray paint so i can do a rose" i said "a rose is red" she said "ooh can i have the red spray paint please" i said "yes".

Then we see red and blue lights then we hear a siren so we dropped everything and ran and the please got out put all the stuff in the boot and chased us.In the end they got us and took us to the police station and asked us questions then they took us home.

When we got home Lauren stayed the night at my house and the next day we had to clean the fence and paint it the same colour it was before we spray painted pictures on it.

Then we went home and played wii and xbox and play station then we went and hoped on the trampoline after 10 minutes later we went for a bike ride then that night i stayed the night at Laurens house.

Then we went and apologised to the owner and the police.After that we had McDonald's and steak and cheese pies and mince and cheese pies and Fanta and Coke.

The end.

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