Inspirational Quote

Inspirational Quote

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

We got caught! Luke

"Come on Sam,we got to save Ryan!"whispered Luke. They were hiding in the bush stalking the crooks that captured Ryan and Luke and sam were trying to be super stealth but then sam farted."Huh?what was that?"said one of the crooks. He studied  the trees and bushes while Sam and Luke killed the 3 other crooks with a knife and hid them in the bushes. Luke quickly grabbed Ryan and started running while Sam had already started running to the car and opened it up for Luke and Sam. The crook that was studying the bushes had heard Luke and Ryan and called for back up. The crook's back up men had arrived and started to chase the getaway car of Luke,Ryan and Sam. Luke grabbed his SMG and started to shoot the car's wind screen and shot the driver in the arm and he fell out the door. "Luke,i think Ryan's dead"Said sam in horror. "We got to get him to the hospital"Luke said. Sam sped up and went straight through a secret passage of theirs and that led to the hospital. When they arrived at the hospital,cops were there with the crooks and said we were under arrest for killing two people with a knife and were jailed for 3 years in prison and the crook,45 years in prison. 3 years later,Ryan had passed away from being being tortured from the crook and got in a jail fight with a body builder and got knocked out to hard and died from a seveir case of a diasese  called the end.

Luke (p.s Ryan didn't die he faked his death so we could get out of jail but it was 3 years up already so he wasted that time.)