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Inspirational Quote

Sunday, 23 March 2014

We Got Caught!

Note: This Is NOT A True Story!!!

Night time had fallen, it was dark, very dark, no one was out in the streets. We were just by our self, out in the dead streets of Auckland. "Shut up I have almost destroyed the lock to the bank!" That was my friend Nick, he's the one that gets us in the bank.

Nick and I are both world class criminals, Nick gets us in and I, lets just say I clear the room aggressively with minimal bloodshed. We are now robbing a bank to get $2000000000, to buy some explosives for our next heist, the Sky Tower.

"Were in, take them out" "What ever" I grab the explosives and start the pretty lights. BOOOM!!!!!!!!!" They have been taken care of lets grab the money and go!

"Sirens out side start guns firing at us "How did they know we where taking this banks money". BAAAANG!!!! Nick falls on the ground dead, I fall onto the ground and started faking being dead.

 I wake up in jail, I am serving life in jail with no  parole, my life is ruined.

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  1. At lest I was in the story!
    Nice description and nice charters.