Inspirational Quote

Inspirational Quote

Sunday, 16 March 2014

Writing a climax.

Original Climax
Kingi couldn't hang on much longer. Snow was everywhere as the avalanche went on and on. His fingers would let go soon and he would fall off the cliff, thousands of metres down the mountain. A hand took hold of his and stopped him falling. He looked up and saw the face of Max. The avalanche stopped. Max pulled him to safety.

My Climax

Kingi was frozen with fear, it was happening, Kingi was gripping hold of a rock with all his might.Suddenly everythingwas a pile of white, Kingi was shaking and tumbled back he was in shock. A whole pile of snow plunged down on to him.The avalanche he thought to himself, as he was falling down.He landed in freezing cold water.He felt something grab him but he realised his body was playing tricks. But he felt it again it was Max, he pulled Kingi out and took him back to the cabin,as Kingi walked back he thought that was one adventure, I will try again tomorrow.

By Meggan

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