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Inspirational Quote

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

A Huge CupCake Sale Storms Reremoana School


On the 15th of April 2014 Reremoana School held a huge cupcake sale, lots of people brought there money to buy some of the mouth watering cupcakes and confectionary that was on sale. The people who did not get any money decided to look at the nice food and make there stomachs fly from there bodies.

Two of the students were selling Traffic light jelly, Marshmallow sticks  and the small lolly bags, they were selling a huge number of items 150 things all together and they sold out! At the end of the day they brought a huge amount of profit $107.

Carl Mccullagh had this to say "The cupcake  sale was huge, I really enjoyed selling my cupcakes and seeing people eating them as well.

In the end of the day lots of people had lots of fun and they all had nice and yummy food that everyone enjoyed everything.

Cupcake sale begins

Cupcake sale begins

on the 15th of April 2014 the kereru team hosted a cupcake sale to fundraised for the year seven and eight camp by selling cupcakes ,  lollies , fizzy drinks and more .

Samuel says that the cupcake sale was awesome because all the food made him feel a bit silly . while Jared says that Tristan and him sold over twenty cupcakes .

This may be the biggest event in history because their was over 340 people at this cupcake sale . You could call it very packed with everyone screaming but somepeple left about every 10 minutes .

So that will rap it up for today.

Year7 and 8 Cupcake sale

 Year 7 and 8 Cupcake sale

On Tuesday the 15 Th. of April Reremoana school had a huge cupcake sale held in the hall. It was held by the year 7 and 8s.

It was for their camp. The money the raised well make their camp cheaper as the camp is $300 if you don't fundraise. This wasn't just a cupcake sale as people were sealing marshmallows, toffee and lots more.

When the kids arrived, it was like war with everyone screaming and yelling. Almost every stall had sold something but some people had not. 

At the end of the cupcake sale everyone was proud of what they had sold. A lot of groups made over $30. 

For the people that didn't sell had a second chance. The teachers will buy what is left if they want it. This made a lot more people got sold out

What a day 

Riley Kingham  

Sunday, 13 April 2014

Once upon a time there lived a rich girl named lisa she lived in a mansion and had 10 horses and 15 dogs and 5 cats and 25 birds and 50 tropical fish. She loved riding horses and playing with her dogs and walking them. One night she had KFC for dinner.

When she went to bed she had her 10 dogs sleeping in her room with her in there beds.The horses were in the barn sleeping.The fish were sleeping and the cats were asleep in her bed with her. It was a quiet night and was cold and windy and they were all asleep when someone broke into the mansion.

They stole all her jelwey and make up that was in the down stairs bath room. When she woke up and went down stairs for breakfast and saw class broken and her security camera smashed. She rushed into the barth room and saw no make up and jelwey.

She rushed to the telephone and called the police. They were there in 10 minutes investigating and trying to find who did it. There was a little girl hiding in the garden not being seen hiding all the make up and jelwey. Then one off the cops tipped a bucket of icy vold water down were the little girl was hiding and made her wet she screamed.

Cops come running and found the girl and the make up and jelwey and the girl was lists daughter. So the girl was given back and the police gave the make up and jelwey back, and left with there investigation stuff after they  put a new security camera and a new window in.

They had KFC for dinner agian and went to sleep and woke up the next morning and lived happily ever after.