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Inspirational Quote

Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Some practice maths questions

Word Problems: Multiplying and Dividing Holly has 96 stickers, she wants to put them into her sticker book. Six stickers will fit on each page. How many pages will she fill up?

Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Character profile

Character profile

She was tall, thin and fourteen years young. She wore a hot pink crop top that was to big because it was a hang me down from her cousin and it had a picture of a white unicorn with a rainbow mane, dark, navy, blue jeans and white converse with purple socks that have pink polka dots. Her light blue eyes, the size of half a moon peak through her purple, square nerd glasses. She had perfect, pale and fragile looking skin. Her nose was small and her lips were a light pink and and very flat. She had long,  blonde, rapunzul like hair was dutch braided and covered her right ear that was pierced with ballet slipper earings.

Her name was Abbey and this is who she is.

Character profile… Riley

Character Profile

He is tall with long hair. Judging by his dark black jacket, he looked like he was part a gang. He was wearing a white shirt that was brighter than the moon. The jeans he was wearing were ripped and 1 size to short. Through his dark shades were two flaming eyes. This man's way of travelling was a Harley Davison. His name was Jack reacher.   


Character Profile...... Ryan

He is a very thin, tall 13 year old. He has short blonde army cut hair. He wears black sun glasses that hide his scars next to his thundery blue eyes. Multiple burns on his hands and arms next to a iron bracelet that bears a strange symbol of a wolf's  head. The same strange symbol is on his red t-shirt that is hidden under a black leather jacket.
His deformed rib cage from multiple breaks and it looks out f the ordinary, he looks tired most of the time and never seems to sleep....... This boys name is Brain Lucifer this boy is alive but for official reasons placed down by the British Secret Service he was never born...... 

Character profile...Jared

                        Character profile

Gliding in his secret cave, under his big mansion, in his black suit, speeding around the room, his eyes are gleeming yellow, his long pointy ears making him fly, his strenth is over powered, his skiny legs take him to his bed, his long arms reaches for a lever to take off his black suit, going in his mansion for a good nights sleep. 

                          His name is                         

                          Rattle Shank

Character Profile

"He is gigantic and very hairy. He has big nostrils the size of four heads combined. He doesn't wear anything except for black fur and he is very mussily. His eyes camouflages with his fur/hair and he is very dangerously scary!  He also is very destructive. He is the seventh wonder of the world".

                                    His name is …. ….

Character profile. [ Calix ].

He has big broad shoulders that frighten people as he walks. Judging by his one creepy eye he looks as if he stalks people night and day. The  ripped [ muscle ] body shows his strength. His big feet  stomp on in to the ground. He has long hair. He wears a brown jacket , a pair of black jeans and a pair of clay coloured boots. His name is  ...CYCLOPS...

Sunday, 18 May 2014

Persuasive writing

Should children wear school uniforms?

If you had to choose would you choose to wear mufti or uniform. Although not many people would agree I thnk that uniforms are the better choice.poo

Firstly, because you don't need to get up early in the morning to decide on what to wear. You could spend more time in bed instead.

Another reason is they are suited and designed for indoor and outdoor activities. They are comfortable and tough and can handle messy mistakes.

My last reason is because they represent your school. You should be proud to wear your uniform when you're on school trips and events or even just walking around at school.

Uniforms should be worn in all schools. They are comfotabe and can save you alot of money! Uniforms are the better choice!

By Pania

Persuasive writing

Why kids should learn to cook at a young age.

Although most of you think learning to cook at a young age is no big deal, I can guarantee you it is.

I have several reasons for this point of view….
1. It can help you learn to be safe around ovens and stoves and learn how to use hot water and knives appropriately.
2. You can learn new skills which can help you when you need experience to get a job and it can help you when you move in to your own house.
3. You can help your mum and dad with making meals at home.
4. If you learn to cook to cook at a young age, you can know what to do when a fire or emergency happens.

If you learn to cook at a young age, you can learn how to be safe around stoves/ovens and also hot water kettles. When you are cooking you need to use a knife but they are dangerous so its best to get a parent to help you at first until you get the hang of using a knife safely. Obviously you cant cook anything without using an oven/stove, but you could  burn your self. Another thing to be careful about is hot water! It can scolder your hand and it really hurts!

Another reason why you should learn to cook is that, you can learn new skills and they can help you when you are older, and they can help you get a job in hospitality, it can also help you when you have to move out of home and in to your own house. You will be able to cook a good meal and not live on a can of baked beans!

A further reason is,  if you learn to cook at a young age you will be able to help to your parents and help make meals and even serve dinner, you could also make birthday cakes for your siblings/family or you could even cook with your family its great fun!

Lastly,if you learn to cook you will know what to do if something catches on fire or someone slips over and drops a jug of hot water on themselves or even worse puts their hand on a hot element and you would know to run your hand under cold water!

In conclusion, I hope I haven't made cooking sound too bad, I hope that you will try cooking yourself and have lots of fun!

By Meggan

Take every oppurtunity

Why you should take every opportunity?

Do you actually know how much opportunities come your way? Well you basically have one in everyday.There are so many opportunities that come our way but people don't realise them.There is leading,learning and sporting opportunities .You  should take opportunities because when you are older it can get you into a good college, keeps you active and you have better chance to have leadership qualities.

First of all you have a better chance of getting in to a good college, If you take opportunites it helps you get better marks for your CV. However if you don't take opportunities it may lead you to a bad highschool, Which leads to a bad job, Which leads to a bad furture .

Also it keeps you active and fit. By taking sporting opportunties it gets your brain working and keeps you off of all your electronic devices . It is also fun playing sports , going on field trips (and sometimes you get a day off school )

Last of all you have better leadership qualities, By taking oppurtunities you have better chances to go to national young leaders day, helps you become a student leader or even better help you to get into student council.

So I hope I have persuaded you to take every opportunities that comes your way because it helps you get into a better college ,  keeps you active and it helps you have better leadership opportunities.

Thank you
By Daneka



Do you think that students should not bring their mobile phones to school?

I think that they should not bring it to school because they can distract teachers and students.For example,if your class was in the middle of a math test and your phone rings it can distract your class and it will get their attention. 

Mobile phones can also interrupted your teacher when he/she is speaking to the class.Teaching would be constantly disrupted if this keep happening. Mobile phones can cause distraction in education.Also mobile phones provide a large temptation to cheat in test.
There is another reason why students should not be allowed to bring mobile phones to school is because when you do bring it to school it will get lost and get cracked. For example,it was lunch time and you put your phone in your pocket and you go running and jumping up and down and your phone falls out of your pocket and it smashed on to the concrete.

You will be in big trouble if you don’t look after your own mobile phone.You go home feeling sad and you don’t want to tell your parents about it.

After school you walk home listening to music playing games with your earphones a while cars passes by and "BAM" a car crashes into you and the ambulance comes and has to take you to the hospital.

That is why I think mobile phones should not be allowed at school because things can happen when you’re not knowing whats happening.


Why we should have subject 
  Have you ever thought about why we should or should not have subject teachers? Well, I’ve been studying in China for one and a half years in primary school, so I compare to how teaching works in China to New Zealand’s, so I think that teachers should have their own subjects.

  Obviously, that those teachers which teach almost everything want less pressure, but surely we can fix the problem by having subject teachers. For example, if a teacher makes us all students do tests at the end of the year, do you really think that teachers should stay in marking all subject tests, or having subject teachers marking only one subject each? 

  If you don’t have subject teachers, and each teacher have things they are good at, like Mr Munro and Mr Fourie are good at sports, and Mrs Bellve is good at drama, why don’t we use that to make us students learn more sturdily?

  Just think about if you are a teacher, what you would choose between using most of your time preparing schoolwork, or only some of the time preparing it. Of course you don’t want to sit there spend most of the time on schoolwork, it’s boring!!!! Also you can use the left over time to help out some extra school duties.

  If we don’t have subject teachers, then the “normal” teachers are tired and very busy preparing schoolwork when they are supposed to have free time! It’s so unfair!!

  So we really should start having more subject teachers than the same teachers. Apart from that I didn’t say that New Zealand teaching is not good, but hopefully you will think that having subject teachers is a better choice to choose.


 You should respect people ! 

How many times have you made a mean or disrespectful comment?

Well have you ever thought about how it might make them feel? You should respect there culture and believes because that is who they are and they can't change it.

I know a girl that used to get bullied when she was 5. She got teased, her lunch got stepped on and it got to a stage where she had to fake to be sick so she wouldn't have to go to school.

Just think about it people how would you feel if you were that person being bullied and how it affects them because it affects them a lot more than you think it could lead to suicide, it could make that person not want to go anywhere any more and a lot more.

So the next time you bully someone think about how it might  make them feel and if you see that person you have been bulling say sorry and don't do it again. 

So come on people make the world a bully free world.
by: Leche 

persuasive writing - Silver Ferns Game

GOAL!!! The Silver Ferns just scored a GOAL in a game there playing and they score another GOAL everybody cheers as the Silver Ferns are WINNING the game. At the moment the score is 10 - 5 the Silver Ferns have 10 and the other team have 5 GOAL the Silver Ferns just scored another GOAL. Oh no the other team just scored a GOAL now the score is 12 - 6. Everybody is cheering for the Silver Ferns and only  about 35 people in the stadium are cheering for the other team. Its half time now and the Silver Ferns just scored a GOAL. Now the other team has the ball they pasted it to a member and a Silver Fern got the ball. Silver ferns just scored another GOAL. Now the score is 14 - 6 the Silver Ferns are WINNING 20 minutes to go till the end who will win. GOAL and another GOAL from the Silver Ferns with 10 minutes left. The score is 16 - 6 the other team has to score 10 or a 11 or 12 to win. With 5 minutes left in the game whos going to win the game. GOAL, GOAL, GOAL, GOAL, GOAL from the Silver ferns wow now the score is 21 - 6. 1 minute left the Silver Ferns are WINNING the 10 second count down has started. The Silver Ferns just scored 5 more GOALS. The score is now what the other team just scored a GOAL. The score now is 26 - 7 and it now is game OVER.


Why you should play video games


So video games some of us love them some of us hate them but Im going to tell you why you should play video games.

Ok theres heeps of video games out there alot of us like them and alot of us hate. Them there are also heeps of diferent types of games so there will always be a video game youd like to play. Theres adventure games, speed games, reflex games, fighting games and also first person shooters.

Video games are supposed to make you happy. Wether its seeing beutiful scenery after being in a horrible looking city, or smashing every thing in your path because you got mad at someone else

Also video games educate you with finding out how to youse a map and math questions. They can teach you how to drive a car and also being able to aim a gun. (DONT TRY AIMING A GUN AT HOME).

So thats why you should play video games it gives you a sense of adventure and it helps educate you also all of the points above THE END.

Dylan Baron.

persuasive writing

Why you should support Manchester united !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Goal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Manchester united won the english premier league. I have 3 reason why you should support Manchester united,her is one reason they have one the epl 20 times with the same manger.

One of the reason you should support Manchester united because They have one the english premier league 20 times with the same manger. They had the manger that was Sir Alex Ferguson now they have David Moyes but sacked so they have Ryan Giggs.

Anothor reason you should support Manchester united is because they some really good players. Such as Wayne Rooney, Robin van persie , nani many more. My favourite is nani because he play's the same  position as me.

Tee last reason you should support Manchester united because there is over millions of fans. They travel far and close to see Manchester united games.

Now you should support Manchester united because they have the players and best manger. 

Support Manchester united

Vishay Reddy


persuasive writing


I have several reasons why you should play sport here is
one reason

You will probaly be really fit and you want have to wory about being fat because when you eat you gain weight but when you play sport you burn it of. So you will probaly be one of the better
kids at playing sports and when your fit when try out for things like soccer,cricket,volley ball and all those things you have 
a 50%out of 100 of making it in.

Here is another reason why you should play sport. you never no what if you love it that why you should try out you might think that oh cricket is the worse sport in the world how would you no if you havent played it. That is why you should take every opportunity. what if there was only 18 spots in cricket and they only had 17 you should try out for it because when you go to work you wont get as many more opportunity's as when you were a kid.

Here is my last reason that I will give you.
It dosent matter if you lose its just about having as much fun as you can. And that you now that you tried as hard as you can.and if you lose yow just get better and then next time you play the same team you might bet them.

We need to have lunchtime clubs

Are you sick of playing on the playground, sitting in the library, or walking round school looking for people to play with.  Yes, we can play games and sports outside at lunchtime, but sometimes it wouldn't be nice to do something different for once? So why don’t we have some lunchtime clubs?

First of all we should have lunch time clubs because some of us have nothing interesting things to do at lunchtime. There’s no point in being bored with nothing to do in such a long period of time. Bored people end up annoying other people and this can cause problems in the playground. So if we have lunchtime clubs people can be creative, learn new things such as sewing or chess, or even a new sport.

Although you get opportunities to try new things all the time at school, you’ll get even more opportunities if we have clubs to join. Other schools have all sorts of clubs like model clubs, which lets let students finish of car or plane models that they can’t do at home because of homework. Rosehill Intermediate has chess clubs, sport clubs, book clubs, computer clubs, Kapa haka and Pacifica groups. There are opportunities to learn new things in all of the above its just if you want to take them.

Lunchtime clubs is also another way for people from the wattle downs community to get involved with the school.  Perhaps there maybe someone from Acacia Cove who would like to teach people to play chess, or there may be someone who would like to teach their native language, for example German to children.  

Also if we have lunchtime clubs we can make new friends, with people who share similar interests, that we may not normally mix with in our classes. You could find out that some people who you don’t know much about might have lots in common with you like you both like car models or be interested in chess. You don’t know until you find out.

A further point is that it can give some students a chance to be a leader. There might be a lot of students who want to do something but no teachers who want to do it. The students who want to do it can decide on a leader and then they just need a teacher to supervise.

Lunch time clubs will offer something different for people to do any time, any weather.

persuasive writing

The most weird looking planter boxes ever???

Have ever thought to yourself why are these planter boxes outside of the library do you think we should keep our planter boxes or move them somewhere else.

Although they make our school look really colorful they are actually really messy. They aren‘t looking to nice because I looked on google images and there is some really nice ones that would blend in the school and they  had a bit more better designs.

So if your parents are planing to make some planter boxes tell your parents to not come to our school for ideas from our planter boxes. Go onto google for some ideas not our school. 

We had silverbeat,tomatoes,cauliflower,broccoli,carrot and the teachers put raw coffee on all the dirt when the is no veggies in it.The coffee that that put in the planter boxes it stinks really really bad and i feel like I am going to die.

so I hope you now know why we should move the planter boxes from the library.             

Persuasive writing [ Calix ].


 Do you ever fell as if you are being bullied at school ? Well if you do it NEEDS TO STOP !!!
 With me i have a reason. 1. bullying can be severely hurting someone, Taking lunch money etc…
As far as im concerned bullying is not ok . It effects people many ways, some of the time bullying causes students to leave that school to a new school. 

This incident happens all around the world at any place at any time. Mostly bullying happens down ally ways and playgrounds . At times bullying can cause broken bones, wounds, scars . But that depends how bad you are being bullied.

Do you think bullying is ok? didn't think so. if you see someone being beaten up or being picked on stand up and be great help.

Persuasive Writing

Why The Plant Box’s At The Library Should Be Moved?

Do you think the plant’s by the library should be moved?
I think they should because they are a waste of space.

I think they should be moved to the corner of they field where
then not so many people will see them. Some people will say this 
school looks nice.

If you leave them there a lot of people will think that the school
is not very nice. Do people really want to see horrible plant’s when they go down the library path to get into school.

If we do move the plant to the corner of the field we could have 
Another place to eat or we could have another classroom
Those are some of the things we could put there so it make’s it look nicer when people walk in.

If we do get another place to eat we could get more people to fit 
when everybody is eating so nobody is stuck in a pile of people they don’t know.

If we get another classroom then we have more space for new kids 
when they join our school they can have the new classroom and it
has more space for another teacher.

So that’s why I think the Plant Box’s should be moved from the library to the corner of the field.

Monday, 12 May 2014

Persuasive Writing (Meggan)

Why are there so many victims being bullied? 

Do you ever stop and wonder about people who are getting bullied everyday but try to hide it,well I think we should change that! 

Firstly,what some of you don't realise is that today an estimated 200 million youths are getting bullied whether that is verbal,physically or cyber!I think we can change that by realising that not everyone is rich and can afford the most fashionable clothes and not the most amazing house either.Reasons being their parents might not have the best job or get allot of money for their jobs so they cant afford allot of fancy thing's.

Another reason is that,if you see someone getting bullied,tell and adult or teacher and do it straight away! When people are getting bullied they are stressed and depressed and most victims don't say anything to anyone and when they do it's to late... ways to stop this from happening would be to stand up for yourself and tell someone!

In my opinion,if you or someone you know are suffering from being bullied and need someone to talk to but don't want to talk to their parents or a teacher about it talk to someone whether its an adult that you know or if its another family member,otherwise they might need to arrange a councillor.

Some believe that,cyber bullying is a serious problem and I agree but it's not just cyber bullying,Verbal and Physical bullying are very serious too! Over 70% of teens today think bullying is really serious! 

It is certain that bullying is a bad thing to do, this includes teasing,abusing/attacking someone with fists,spreading rumours, and talking about hurting someone behind their back.
When people get bullied they feel alone,upset,depressed and nervous.
This can cause them to start bullying other people and can cause them to have problems at school.kid's are 2 to 9% are more than likely to commit suicide!

Over 3.2 million people are victims of bullying worldwide each year.
almost 43% of kids are bullied online, over 80% using cellphones, and the sad thing is that  81% of young kids think bullying online is easier then in real life. 90% of kids that have been on internet sites say they just ignored it and 84% tell them to stop.

58% of kids admit they have been bullied, hurt or harmed by cyber bullying.
Girls are twice as likely as boys to get bullied.
and about 75% of kids have visited a website while bashing another student.

In conclusion I hope you don't bully If you start bullying you will get bullied and the other people won't get told off you would so...    


By Meggan

Why Reremoana School Should Have A Bigger Playground

Why Reremoana School Should Have A Bigger Playground

Although not everybody would agree, I want to say that small playgrounds are bad cause only about 15 kids can play on a small playground.

I have several reasons for arguing this point of view. My first reason is Kids can get hurt, injured and break bones.

A further reason is in small playgrouds there are only upto 3 swings that kids fight over cause theres not alot of swings.

Furthermore There’s only ever upto 2 short slides that kids fight over so they should be long  with a red and green light at the top so kids know when to go.

Therefore though some people might argue that a playground should be big.

I think that I have showen you that you have to agree that all the playgrounds should be big, not small.

You should now want a bigger playground at Reremoana School.

By : Makayla

Sunday, 11 May 2014

Persuasive writing

Why children shouldn't get homework

Children shouldn't have any homework! Having to go to school for 6-8 hours is enough learning.

The first reason why children shouldn't get homework is because they should spend more time with friends and family. Spending time with family is very important. Not being able to go outside with friends and family is stupid. Homework rotts your brain!!!

Does your mum and dad argue or complain because you haven't completed your homework? Did you know that homework can cause arguements between you and your family.

Another reason is because teachers don't often have enough time to mark 30 books. They are too busy planning schedules and going to meetings. By the time you've handed it in you've moved on to another topic.

I feel that children shouldn't get homework because they should spend more time with friends and family, it causes arguements between them and their family and teachers don't have enough time to mark their homework. I think that homework should be banned!

By Pania

Why homework should be banned

Although not everybody would agree, I want to say that homework should be banned from all schools in New Zealand 

My first reason is:
It wastes to much family time for example: your inside doing homework and your family wants you to come out side but your stuck inside doing old fashion stuff called HOMEWORK!!!
I mean come on what person wants to be inside on a sunny day and your friend is out side playing and your inside all day doing HOMEWORK. Would you want to stay inside all day doing HOMEWORK.

A further reason is:
HOMEWORK can slowly pull your family apart. Every day that you do homework can bring another problem to you and your family. Soon you will be up in your room and be crying over homework. At home you can have a fight over not finishing it in time, getting a question wrong or you haven't done your spelling.

We get told of for: not handing it in on time, not completing 1 question and lots of other reasons.
Why should we get told of lots of people have a life out side of school. Some people don’t have time to sit there and and do HOMEWORK.

I think that I have shown you that homework should be banned from school all over New Zealand. “HOMEWORK go back to 1900 because it is now 2014 get real”.

Persuasive writing


Picture this, an innocent student playing on the playground or eating lunch and a bully comes and pushes them down or takes their lunch. This is something that happens very frequently and this is not okay .

Do you even know what bullying is.
Bullying is a something that affects over 3.2 billion humans around the world each year. 
Bullying can affect people in different ways like cyber bullying which means they insult the victim by email or on Facebook or any other social media website. Another is physical bullying this is more violent, it normally occurs when a gang picks on someone and hurts them. There is also family or emotional bullying which is normally when one of the  partners in relationship attack the other in verbal or physical ways.

How does bullying affect others?
It affects an average life in ways that are terrible and I wish upon no one to go through what  these victims do. The worst act of emotion that someone can go through is suicide . The most common is tears and not wanting to go to school because they cant face anyone.
I mean What kind of person would want to make someone hurt so much that they would want kill them self or shut them self out from the world?

Bullying can be stopped. 
If you see this happening tell them that it is not okay or ask them if they are all right, I know that this is a basic answer to the problem but not many people do it. Getting someone to talk to them is the best medicine if they accept. But If you are the victim talking to some one also applies to you but you also need to remember your wits which stand for walk away, ignore, tell some one and stand up for your self 

I hope that you now know that bullying can be stopped, that it does affect others in fatal ways and most importantly that bullying is not okay. 
So next time when you see this happening what should you do?
I hope that you have the answer to that.

Should schools start at 10am instead of 9am

I think schools should start at 10 am because when you wake up its just a mad rush to get ready. So i think schools should start at 10 am so we can get ready with your day.

First of all imagine you waking up and your Mum starts telling you to do your homework  you will be all tired and depressed also you be all tired to argue with your Mum.   

Did you ever have the feeling that you can not think that well so your parents keep on bugging you to get it done so you can do the vacuuming. Do you feel hard done when you do the vacuuming and its school time.       

If you wake up early to get ready you don’t even get enough sleep for the day ahead of you. So your most likely to fall asleep in class and people will laugh at you and you will get embarrassed when you wake up. 

Did you know that 95% of students at schools has no time to play before school and doesn’t have any fun before school times. Did you know that they do more homework after school. so that 95% only gets 30 minutes to play on there electronics.

So do you think that should start at 10 am instead of 9 am so help us out  and change the time to 10 am to 4 pm  for our primary and intermediate schools. 


Thursday, 8 May 2014

kigi could't on much longer.he had frost bit on his hands.Snow was everywhere as the avalanche went on and on.his frozen fingers would let go soon and he would full off the cliff and hit the hard rocky ground thousand of metres donw the mountain.A hand took hold of his hand and stopped him from hitting the hard ground.He looked up and saw the face of his friend max.The avalanche stopped.Max pulled him up to safely    

by Antonio 
2 truths, 1 lie

1: When I was eight I went to rainbows end.  I went on the fear fall  10 times and the log flume ten times. The log flume was lame.

2: My favourite car is a 1932 ford highboy with a v8 engine, rear wheel drive and no fenders.

3: I started sailing when I was 8. The first boat I went in was a heartly. Over the years I have sailed a jolly boat, an optimist, a sunburst and a heartly.

Two Truths One Lie Shaun

  1. When I was 8 I got 4 chickens and then two of them died and we brought four more.
  2. When I was 10 I went to Rarotonga with my mum for a big meeting.
  3. I have three dogs called Minnie Molly and Max.

Two Truths One Lie ANDRE

1. When i was seven i drove a motor bike a tractor at my uncle's farm with my cousin 
2.when i was born my parents had a dogit was blind and it always use to attack me because i was
only just born so we had to get it put down
2.I went to australia and got stuck in the elevater at my hotel with my nan and my mum

                                   Two truths and a lie   Luke

1.  When it was my 6th birthday party at the pools, I was swimming when some fat guy on my back and left me strugling to get them off and I nearly drowned that day.

2. When I was 4 or 5, I was in the city at my hotel when the whole blues team team were checking out of their rooms and i got their signutares on my face and shirt.

3. When i was 9-10 iwas riding on a ATV and I nicked the side of a shed and I faceplanted on the ground and my foot got stuck in the front of the ATV.


Two truths and a lie

                                       Two truths and a lie1st : Once my dad found two beer boxes outside his work full of kittens some died at our house and some were taken to the pet shop to be sold and we kept one.

2nd : Once we lived in this house and a house down a long drive next to us blew up into flames and 10 minutes later the fire fighters come and put it out.

3rd : In the holidays i went ice skating and it was so awesome i fell over once and then they put on wreaking ball for the song of the day i was loving it.Try find the two truths and the one lie.

By : Makayla Louise Marshall  

Two truths and one lie.

Year : 7

Age : 11


Two truths and a lie

1 :    When I went to lego land in USA there was a lego land hotel made out of lego.

2 :     One time in speeches I said a dog poos on the ground when a cat digs a hole the poos in the hole and covers it up with dirt and I did  the actions.      

3 :     After school Tuesday's and Friday's I do kumon which is extra homework . I also do it in the holidays .

Wednesday, 7 May 2014

2 truths 1 lie

When I was 7 I had a pet rat that died when I was 8

When I was 6 I had a pet dog named snowy

when I was 10 I went to a strict school

By Antonio

Two Truths & a Lie.

Two truths & a lie.

When I was little I had a cat called Misty, when we went out one day she disappeared and never returned.

When I was a Newborn my head looked like a cone but then it came right.

When I was little I ate a slug!

2 Truths 1 Lie

When I was 4 years old my skinny cat named fate. One day she was out side and a big hawk came and ate her.

2 years ago I got a 6 toed cat that can only climb trees backwards 

When I was 3 I lived on a farm with 1 dog 2 cats and 4 cows.

Two truths and a lie

                     Two truths and a lie.

1. When I was 6 my family and I went to Oukune for a hoilday. There was a massive park. we were taking a photo on this big shoe slide and it had holes in it so my brother was lifting me but he slipped I cracked my skull on the concrete.

2. When I was round about 8 I had a pet fish. after school I would take it out and pat it like a cat. It is still alive.

3. When I was little I cought a fish with my dad. I was playing with a fish and accidently droped it in the water. 

Two Truths One Lie

1st :  I went to Rainbows End on the last weekend of the holidays and went on the new ride firstly i did less extreme were it only goes half way up then i did extreme where it goes right around and it was a little bit scary and fun.

2nd :  I got 2 dogs and the girl molly might be pregnant and might be having puppies soon i am so happy.

3rd : I take my new dog to the park with the pond sometimes for Istvan to play with it or train it and its a boy and the name is Kissie but my dad will be chanting the name and me and haylee  with my mum can not change the name thats what i'm not happy about.

See if you can fine the lie and the the 2 truths.

By : Makayla Louise Marshall

Two truths One lie

Two truths and one lie

1st When I was 7 I saw my first Allblacks game. They were versing  Ireland and the Allblacks won!

2nd  When I went to Hamilton, I got to have a picture With three famous cricket players from the Black Caps.

3rd  I have been to the Super 15 Finals. Playing were the Chiefs and the Brumbies.

Two truths, One lie

1. when I went to the chiefs game in 2012 i met some of the players.

2.I had a 11 year old dog that passed away in 2009 of being very sick.

3. I have a older brother that lives in Wanganui with my aunty.


Two Truths And A Lie!! ( Ryan )

Guess The Lie!!!!

1. When I was 2 we were having a extension to our house when the builders left a ladder on the garage roof the small little me climbed up the ladder and fell asleep on the garage roof!!

2. On my 8th birthday I went to Napier, I bought a scooter and went to the  local skate park and broke my wrist.

3. When I was 3 when my family and me went to the Gold Coast I got sick and my family got to stay for another 4 days all paid because they could not take me on a plane. 

(Two truths and a lie)

                                                  Two truth's and a lie !

1. When I was little I went to Australia and got to hold a snake

2. When i was 8 years old I went to go see the All blacks play in England 

3. When i was 4 I broke my leg playing soccer 

By Chloe 

( Kaitlyn )

                            2 truths and 1 lie !!

1.  When I was 9 I went to see all the blues players when I had a broken arm.

2.  When I was 3 I had a pet fish and it died because I fed it to much. 

3.  when I was 4 we went to the lion park in Rotaura and got to pat the little lion cuds. 

By Kaitlyn 

Two truths and a lie (

Two truths and a lie

Guess what one is a lie?

1. When I was four on my birthday my dad went outside to mow the lawn so I drank the whole bottle of beer.

2.  When I was six I went to Australia. We would go for a walk every morning and get ice-cream before breakfast.

3.  When I was 3 I got my first pet, it was a cat and its name was phantom but it ran away.

Two truths and a lie By Pania

Two truths and a lie

Guess what one is a lie?

1.When I was 4 I went to a petting zoo and touched a lion.

2.Last year I broke my arm when I fell off the flying fox.

3.When I was 3 I got my first pet. It was a rabbit that got given to me for free from my kindy.I named her Pikachu.

By Pania

Two truths and a lie ( Carl )

1   I have cracked my head open five times befor seven years of age.

2   When I was on the plane to Fiji , I saw the sevens players from Fiji.

 3   I got up to stage six in year two.