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Inspirational Quote

Sunday, 18 May 2014

Persuasive writing

Why kids should learn to cook at a young age.

Although most of you think learning to cook at a young age is no big deal, I can guarantee you it is.

I have several reasons for this point of view….
1. It can help you learn to be safe around ovens and stoves and learn how to use hot water and knives appropriately.
2. You can learn new skills which can help you when you need experience to get a job and it can help you when you move in to your own house.
3. You can help your mum and dad with making meals at home.
4. If you learn to cook to cook at a young age, you can know what to do when a fire or emergency happens.

If you learn to cook at a young age, you can learn how to be safe around stoves/ovens and also hot water kettles. When you are cooking you need to use a knife but they are dangerous so its best to get a parent to help you at first until you get the hang of using a knife safely. Obviously you cant cook anything without using an oven/stove, but you could  burn your self. Another thing to be careful about is hot water! It can scolder your hand and it really hurts!

Another reason why you should learn to cook is that, you can learn new skills and they can help you when you are older, and they can help you get a job in hospitality, it can also help you when you have to move out of home and in to your own house. You will be able to cook a good meal and not live on a can of baked beans!

A further reason is,  if you learn to cook at a young age you will be able to help to your parents and help make meals and even serve dinner, you could also make birthday cakes for your siblings/family or you could even cook with your family its great fun!

Lastly,if you learn to cook you will know what to do if something catches on fire or someone slips over and drops a jug of hot water on themselves or even worse puts their hand on a hot element and you would know to run your hand under cold water!

In conclusion, I hope I haven't made cooking sound too bad, I hope that you will try cooking yourself and have lots of fun!

By Meggan


  1. Excellent writing here Meggan

    well done


  2. Well done Meggan, You have made some very valid points!
    Mrs Gregory.