Inspirational Quote

Inspirational Quote

Sunday, 18 May 2014

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I have several reasons why you should play sport here is
one reason

You will probaly be really fit and you want have to wory about being fat because when you eat you gain weight but when you play sport you burn it of. So you will probaly be one of the better
kids at playing sports and when your fit when try out for things like soccer,cricket,volley ball and all those things you have 
a 50%out of 100 of making it in.

Here is another reason why you should play sport. you never no what if you love it that why you should try out you might think that oh cricket is the worse sport in the world how would you no if you havent played it. That is why you should take every opportunity. what if there was only 18 spots in cricket and they only had 17 you should try out for it because when you go to work you wont get as many more opportunity's as when you were a kid.

Here is my last reason that I will give you.
It dosent matter if you lose its just about having as much fun as you can. And that you now that you tried as hard as you can.and if you lose yow just get better and then next time you play the same team you might bet them.

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