Inspirational Quote

Inspirational Quote

Sunday, 18 May 2014

Take every oppurtunity

Why you should take every opportunity?

Do you actually know how much opportunities come your way? Well you basically have one in everyday.There are so many opportunities that come our way but people don't realise them.There is leading,learning and sporting opportunities .You  should take opportunities because when you are older it can get you into a good college, keeps you active and you have better chance to have leadership qualities.

First of all you have a better chance of getting in to a good college, If you take opportunites it helps you get better marks for your CV. However if you don't take opportunities it may lead you to a bad highschool, Which leads to a bad job, Which leads to a bad furture .

Also it keeps you active and fit. By taking sporting opportunties it gets your brain working and keeps you off of all your electronic devices . It is also fun playing sports , going on field trips (and sometimes you get a day off school )

Last of all you have better leadership qualities, By taking oppurtunities you have better chances to go to national young leaders day, helps you become a student leader or even better help you to get into student council.

So I hope I have persuaded you to take every opportunities that comes your way because it helps you get into a better college ,  keeps you active and it helps you have better leadership opportunities.

Thank you
By Daneka

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