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Inspirational Quote

Sunday, 18 May 2014

We need to have lunchtime clubs

Are you sick of playing on the playground, sitting in the library, or walking round school looking for people to play with.  Yes, we can play games and sports outside at lunchtime, but sometimes it wouldn't be nice to do something different for once? So why don’t we have some lunchtime clubs?

First of all we should have lunch time clubs because some of us have nothing interesting things to do at lunchtime. There’s no point in being bored with nothing to do in such a long period of time. Bored people end up annoying other people and this can cause problems in the playground. So if we have lunchtime clubs people can be creative, learn new things such as sewing or chess, or even a new sport.

Although you get opportunities to try new things all the time at school, you’ll get even more opportunities if we have clubs to join. Other schools have all sorts of clubs like model clubs, which lets let students finish of car or plane models that they can’t do at home because of homework. Rosehill Intermediate has chess clubs, sport clubs, book clubs, computer clubs, Kapa haka and Pacifica groups. There are opportunities to learn new things in all of the above its just if you want to take them.

Lunchtime clubs is also another way for people from the wattle downs community to get involved with the school.  Perhaps there maybe someone from Acacia Cove who would like to teach people to play chess, or there may be someone who would like to teach their native language, for example German to children.  

Also if we have lunchtime clubs we can make new friends, with people who share similar interests, that we may not normally mix with in our classes. You could find out that some people who you don’t know much about might have lots in common with you like you both like car models or be interested in chess. You don’t know until you find out.

A further point is that it can give some students a chance to be a leader. There might be a lot of students who want to do something but no teachers who want to do it. The students who want to do it can decide on a leader and then they just need a teacher to supervise.

Lunch time clubs will offer something different for people to do any time, any weather.

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  1. You have made some good points and have some interesting ideas Jakob.