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Inspirational Quote

Sunday, 18 May 2014

Why we should have subject 
  Have you ever thought about why we should or should not have subject teachers? Well, I’ve been studying in China for one and a half years in primary school, so I compare to how teaching works in China to New Zealand’s, so I think that teachers should have their own subjects.

  Obviously, that those teachers which teach almost everything want less pressure, but surely we can fix the problem by having subject teachers. For example, if a teacher makes us all students do tests at the end of the year, do you really think that teachers should stay in marking all subject tests, or having subject teachers marking only one subject each? 

  If you don’t have subject teachers, and each teacher have things they are good at, like Mr Munro and Mr Fourie are good at sports, and Mrs Bellve is good at drama, why don’t we use that to make us students learn more sturdily?

  Just think about if you are a teacher, what you would choose between using most of your time preparing schoolwork, or only some of the time preparing it. Of course you don’t want to sit there spend most of the time on schoolwork, it’s boring!!!! Also you can use the left over time to help out some extra school duties.

  If we don’t have subject teachers, then the “normal” teachers are tired and very busy preparing schoolwork when they are supposed to have free time! It’s so unfair!!

  So we really should start having more subject teachers than the same teachers. Apart from that I didn’t say that New Zealand teaching is not good, but hopefully you will think that having subject teachers is a better choice to choose.


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