Inspirational Quote

Inspirational Quote

Sunday, 18 May 2014

Why you should play video games


So video games some of us love them some of us hate them but Im going to tell you why you should play video games.

Ok theres heeps of video games out there alot of us like them and alot of us hate. Them there are also heeps of diferent types of games so there will always be a video game youd like to play. Theres adventure games, speed games, reflex games, fighting games and also first person shooters.

Video games are supposed to make you happy. Wether its seeing beutiful scenery after being in a horrible looking city, or smashing every thing in your path because you got mad at someone else

Also video games educate you with finding out how to youse a map and math questions. They can teach you how to drive a car and also being able to aim a gun. (DONT TRY AIMING A GUN AT HOME).

So thats why you should play video games it gives you a sense of adventure and it helps educate you also all of the points above THE END.

Dylan Baron.

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