Inspirational Quote

Inspirational Quote

Sunday, 24 August 2014

 by  Kaitlyn
by Leche

Respect acrostic poem

Respect you and I.
Everyone is different so treat them nicely.
Saying nice words to people is respect.
Please and thank you are manners.
Enjoy to play different games.
Care for everyone.
Take care for anyones belongings. 


R-respect others..

E-engage eye contact when talking or been talked to..

S-say thank you and use other manners..

P-pay attention when teacher talking..

E-encourage your friends,family and other people..

C-care for everyone who needs help..

T-take pride with your uniform..

By Miriama..

R-espect others.
E-enjoy school.
S-speak nice to others.
E-ncourage one another.
C-care for others.
T-ake every opportunity. 

Respect By Dylan Daron


Respect is being nice.

Evaluate other peoples decisions.

Say please and thank you to other people.

Polite is being respectful.

Eat your food with manners.

Consider everyones choices.

To be respectful is being nice to other people


E-ncourage one another
S-top think before you act
P-olite to everyone 
E-ncourage one another
C-are for everyone
T-ake every opportunity

Respect acrostic poem

Respect means...
Engaging eye contact when talking or being talked to
Students that rise above for helping others when they need it
Please and thank you is what we like
Encouraging others to amazing heights 
Caring for people who need our help
Taking pride because thats RESPECT.
by Kaitlyn.

Respect Acrostic Poem By Shaun

      Each other
      Say thankyou and
      Encourige each other to
      Care for each other and
      To always remember to use your manners

Respect acrostic poem!


R- espect means using your manners when you burp or you get given something.

E- very one stop talking when someone's is talking!

S- top , think and act!

P- lease and thank you!

E- very one is different so treat them nicely!

C- are for everyone and everything!

T- reat everyone the way you want to be treated!

Respect acrostic poem

Respect everyone.
Elderly are people who you give your seat to.
Self respect.
Please and thenk you and ather maners.
Encourage friends and family.
Care for everyone.
Thank you for reading

By Jakob

Respect acrostic poem.

R-espect equipment.

E-ncourage people.

S-peak nicely to each other.


E-njoy school.

C-are for others.

T-ake every opportunity.