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Inspirational Quote

Monday, 22 September 2014

The Terrible Witch Of The Forest And The Three Teenagers!!

The three teenagers started packing up to have a camp at the Spooky RainForest.The three teenagers did not know that it was actually  spooky.They started walking towards the car,and they all felt like they were being watched.Jack started driving for 30 mins to get to Spooky Forest and on the way they were talking about what they were going to do.

Finally,they got there and started unpacking then they all helped to put up the three tents.While they were putting up the tents,the terrible witch watched them,and planned that she would do something horrible to them that night.

Jack,James and Janet went ,and unpacked the food that they bought from home.After setting up the things they were going to use for the food,they started eating and talked about what they would do in the Holidays.While they were eating the fire was going and going,it was warm and cosy.

Shelly (The Witch of the Spooky RainForest) was watching them and had already planned what she was going to do.They all felt uncomfortable but they didn't know why and just carried on anyway.The three teenagers did not even know that there was a witch that was going to do something terrible.

Jack,James and Janet went to bed after dinner.They lay down into the soft and comfortable sleeping bags.When Jack and his two siblings were deep into their sleep,the witch made some noise to make them come out.They came rushing out to find what was making that noises.Shelly the witch was behind a big bush to get ready to do her trick.                                                          

Shelly made a terrible noise that sounded like a pig snorting ,and then she jumped out and said some magic words , in 5 seconds they were all turned in to the most ugliest tree in the world.The terrible witch laughed and laughed until she could not take it anymore.That night she was so happy that she accidentally turned herself into an ugly tree in the world like the teenagers.

WARNING:When you still go Spooky RainForest which is now called Angola RainForest you can hear the shouts of the teenagers and the ager's of the witch (Shelly).